Flying solo

Today, my husband goes back to work, after being on paternity leave for almost 3 weeks. For the next 12 hours both girls are all mine, for the first time. 48 hours a week I am a stay at home mother of TWO?! I suppose I have really mixed emotions about it.

Of course I am going to miss him and all his help. Even though we have a 20mo and a new born, our house was SO clean. I got to make dinner and eat it as a family at a normal dinner time. Now that he is back to work he wont get home until after 9p.When I was feeding Beverly he could play with Norah and keep her happy. To tell the truth I kind of over used him while he was home. I spent a little extra time just sitting on my bum, while he changed diapers and did dishes. But to be fair I did just give birth, and I am the only one who can feed 100% of the time, and I do all of the night diapers so he doesn’t wake up at all (compared to my every 3 hours). I feel bad my daughter, she is really going to miss Daddy. She is a daddy’s girl through and through (except when it’s bed time or she is sick). 

On the other hand, it’ll be kind of nice not to cook a 3 course meal every night. Norah and I can survive off soup and sandwiches or hot dogs and french fries, for dinner sometimes. It’ll be nice to have an hour of quiet when naps overlap around 1p. I might get a little bit of a book read, or I might be able to nap too! When he is gone all day I miss him so much, that it really does make us closer on his days off. It’ll be nice to cuddle after a day of missing him. 

So my plans for the day include: an episode of sesame street (Every Friday we watch one, it’s her “I’ve been good all week treat”, because we don’t watch TV during the week), baking peanut butter cookies(hopefully), loading/running/unloading the dishwasher, and giving 2 baths.  The rest of the day is a wait and see. Suggestions on what else we can do are welcome. 

Wish me luck. 

All the best. :) 


About me- My first Blog

I know there is an “about me” section in my profile, so this is pointless to even post, but I feel like if I am going to blog, I should give the down and dirty details about who I am and what I am about.

My name is Brittany, I am 22 years old, I was born and raised in upstate NY, where my husband and I now own our home. I come from a crazy mixed up (but who doesn’t.. right?) family. I was single handed-ly raised by my father (whom now is one of my very best friends), and I am his only child. I have a half sister and 2 half brothers, whom I only saw at random during my childhood. We had different paths handed to us based on what I believe is the product of our raise. I don’t, for my own reasons have much to do with them. Also, for about 8 years between the ages 6 -14, I had 4 step brothers, and an evil step mother (yes, they really do exist!) .

I am married to a wonderful man, John. Together we have 2 girls, Norah and Beverly. Norah was born Oct of 2010 So she is now 20mo and Beverly was born May of 2012, So is only a few weeks. I am a stay at home mom to our girls and my husband works as an auto insurance agent. Before I became a Mom, I also worked in auto insurance.

I clip coupons, but not often enough to be on that show. I make some of my own cleaners, but I am probably not the most green blogger you will find, though I know some great ones, and when I post about cleaning I will be sue to reference them, as my inspiration. I LOVE to cook/bake. I am a little chemist in our kitchen. If I think I would like something I make it even if it sounds crazy, and some of our favorite meals have happened that way. I will be more than happy to share them with everyone. I use pinterest, I think it was made for me, I was so happy when I found that site. I am pretty open about my life, there is not much I wont share, if asked.

I am aware that I am young. That might make it hard for some readers to continue reading.. being older than the person giving advice, ideas, and/or stories might turn some people off. However, I like to believe age doesn’t make a person better or worse at any given thing. Experience makes someone wise, and I have seen a lot in my short number of years. I have been told by way to many elders “I have an old soul”. Besides, I also like to think you are as old as you feel.. So, really I am in my 30′s. I will do my best to use spell checker, but spelling is my greatest weakness. So, please don’t fault me too hard for it.

What about the blog? - great question!  Well, it’s most a collection of how I survive as a: Stay at home, mother, wife, daughter, sister, aunt, cousin, niece, and friend. Tips on how I keep things clean, as naturally as I can (though I am always trying to improve). Meals and treats that I cook/bake up that seem to be big crowd favorites. How I have fun with my kids, even though one makes my ears bleed- I really shouldn’t have bought that drum set, and the other makes my nipples bleed- lanolin, I love you.  Maybe occasionally I will review a new book or TV show that I found. I hope I can make you laugh, and make your life a litter easier sometimes. :)

All the best.